Chef 187 Drops a Subliminal on “Salaula”, Could He be Shooting Slapdee?


The Latest HipHop soundtrack from Drifta Trek has already gotten everyone talking and it seems the Fans have something worthwhile. From the Features to the lyrics, Salaula is definitely the HipHop song of the moment. The song features the Kaira Brothers (Chef 187 and Macky 2) who both did lyrical damage to the Dre Produced banger.

The Lyricism and Creativity Displayed by the three Kopala Swag rappers has left everyone buzzing. Infact Macky 2 is highly praised by HipHop heads for dropping a hardcore verse he hasn’t delivered in such a longtime.  However Chef 187 has a very catchy subliminal line whose reference can be easily drawn to Slapdee. On the song, Chef 187 rapped; “Batila Kuma Flows Finyau buh, Ngabaimba Neo Myau….”

Slapdee has severally considered himself (And Entire XYZ crew)  “Chinyau Cha Ma Flow” (On songs like Chibolya by Tommy D, Baja Bali Paja etc) and hence its easy to assume the Emcee Subliminally directed the line to him. On “baja Balipaja: he raps”Chinyau Chama Flows Chama Flows Chikulase Naka TemoSlapdee uses Chinyau chama Flows as his aka most of the times even on the intro of Ruff Kid‘s Nipiteko Rmx he called himself Chinyau Chama Flows and in 2012 they Called Their XYZ Compilation Mix-tape “Vinyau Mixtape.”  HipHop is known to be associated with Subliminal or Verbal Shots which can both be Intentional or Coincidental.

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